Kapendam Cenderawasih : TNI Comes to Protect the People, Not to Harm or Kill People


Kapendam Cenderawasih : TNI Comes to Protect the People, Not to Harm or Kill People

Sabtu, 22 Desember 2018

Kapendam XII/Cenderawasih, Kolonel Inf Muhammad Aidi.(KATAKNEWS/courtesy of Pendam Cenderawasih)  

JAYAPURA - The Indonesian National Army (TNI) raises their voice against negative comments directed to TNI, which nuances cornering under the pretext of human rights violations (HAM).

Response to the appeal of Papua Governor Lukas Enembe (LE) and Chairperson of the House of Representatives (DPR) Papua Yunus Wonda (YW) on Thursday (12/20/2018), to the President of Republic Indonesia, Commander of the TNI and National Police, who requested that all TNI - Polri who is carrying out security in Nduga District, Papua to immediately withdrawn.

Kapendam XVII / Cendrawasih, Colonel Inf Muhammad Aidi admitted that he was confused because Papua regional government always considered what the TNI and the National Police in Papua were doing wrong.

However, he said, that the massacre was the Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

"Instropection please yourself, stop on behalf of the people, as if you are the god of protection and savior of the people, because not necessarily how much the role of brothers to side with the interests of the people," said Aidi on Friday (12/21).

He said, when civilians or members of the TNI-Polri who were victims of the KKB's savagery, a number of parties were silent.

"But when the victims were the KKB, the brothers immediately reacted. What are all these indicators?," Aidi said furiously.

He said, when Asmat was hit by an outbreak of measles and malnutrition, the TNI was the first institution to go directly into the area by mobilizing all its resources.

But, he never knew what assistance had been given by the provincial government and local representatives board to the Asmat people.

"In fact, even if the provincial government in this case Governor LE (Lukas Enembe) never visits its citizens who suffer in Asmat," Aidi said.

Likewise when the frost disaster struck in the Kuyawage Lannyjaya District in July 2015 and resulted in hundreds of exodus people fled to Tiom.

Dandim Jayawijaya and the Lannyjaya Regional Police Chief along with their first ranks set up refugee camps, built public kitchens, picked up refugees to the top of the mountains.

In such conditions, his side was still disturbed by the shooting of a separatist group led by Enden Wanimbo.

"But we have never heard of what assistance the Regional Government and people's representatives have given to Kuyawage residents," he added.

Then, when the people of Mbua were hit by the disease, dozens of babies were reported dead in October-November 2015, Kodim 1702 / Jayawijaya was the first institution to send food, side dishes, clothing and blankets.

Including other humanitarian issues that have hit Papua so far.

Despite epidemics, landslides, earthquakes, floods, forest fires, social conflicts and others, according to him, the TNI is always present as the front guard to ease the burden on people who suffer.

But said Aidi, the TNI-Polri did not need to be praised and praised for what they had done for the people.

"Because it is indeed our duty and obligation to protect all the people and our entire bloodshed," he said.

Yes, he said, the TNI was trained, educated and prepared to kill and be killed. But soldiers are the people who value life the most.

"Because we are ready to risk our own lives to ensure the lives of our people and greater lives," Aidi said.

Aidi emphasized, that TNI come to protect the people, not to harm or kill people. K18