UNICEF to Distributes Multipurpose Cash Assistance to Earthquake Victims in North Lombok


UNICEF to Distributes Multipurpose Cash Assistance to Earthquake Victims in North Lombok

Minggu, 10 Maret 2019

AID FOR EARTHQUAKE VICTIM. Multipurpose Cash Assistance initiated by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) distributed in North Lombok. (Photo by Public Relations of North Lombok Government) 

LOMBOK - Around 4,200 earthquake affected families in six villages in North Lombok are certain to receive Multipurpose Cash Assistance initiated by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

Beneficiaries are families with pregnant woman and lactating mothers, or who have children under 7 years old.

Each beneficiary family will receives cash assistance of Rp4,050,000 which will be distributed in four stages of disbursement.

In this program UNICEF collaborates with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Indonesia, PT Pos Indonesia, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Provincial Government and North Lombok Government.

The Multipurpose Cash Assistance Program was inaugurated by North Lombok Regent Dr H Najmul Akhyar, Thursday (7/3) in Dangiang Village, Kayangan District, North Lombok.

Present at the program opening, UNICEF Director for Indonesia, Mr. Robert Gass, Country Manager of CRS Indonesia Yenni Suryani, Head of the NTB Dukcapil DPMPD Dr. Azhari, Head of PT Pos NTB Cristo Lamek Hilir, KLU Head of Social Affairs Muhammad Faisol, KLU Health Head Khairul Anwar, Sub-District Heads, and other beneficiaries and invitations.

Symbolic assistance was provided by the Director of UNICEF for Indonesia and the North Lombok Regent to representatives of beneficiary mothers and children.

In his remarks, North Lombok Regent Dr H Najmul Akhyar said that multipurpose cash assistance is expected to be able to help the recovery and acceleration of disaster management in North Lombok.

"It must be pursued, not only physical development, but acceleration of economic and health development is also needed. Our hope is that what is being done now is valuable for mothers and children," said Regent Najmul.

According to him, physical damage to infrastructure and buildings due to the earthquake in North Lombok is quite heavy. At least 71 thousand houses were damaged, and 44 thousand of them were severely damaged.

"This greatly affects the health of mothers and children. So we feel this program is right for North Lombok," he said.

4,200 beneficiary families in North Lombok are scattered in six villages. Among others are Dangiang Village in Kayangan Subdistrict, Senaru Village, Sukadana Village, Mumbul Sari Village in Bayan District, Teniga Village in Tanjung Sub-District, and Rempek Village in Gangga Sub-District.

UNICEF Director for Indonesia Mr. Robert Gass explained, UNICEF has worked in Indonesia since 1978 and focuses on the needs and rights of children, health, education and protection of children, especially children from families affected by disasters.

"So disaster relief is at the attention of UNICEF, not only in Indonesia but throughout the world," he said.

Robert said, the multipurpose cash assistance carried out in North Lombok was a new model and was first carried out in Indonesia.

If this program is successful, it becomes a recommendation for Unicef ​​activities in other places.

"This assistance is cash, because people understand their needs better. Cash assistance is short-term assistance to restore people's living conditions," he said.

Meanwhile, Country Manager of CRS Indonesia Yenni Suryani explained, in this multipurpose cash assistance assistance funds would be channeled through the Post office or PT Pos Indonesia.

"In this program, the distribution of funds cooperates with the post office to provide financial assistance. With the condition that this assistance is used priority for maternal and child health," he explained.

According to Yenni, before UNICEF had also participated since the earthquake last August, even had time to respond during the earthquake in 2013.

"During the earthquake UNICEF provided materials such as tarpaulins, mats and others," he said.