Dutch Man Traveling the World with Electric Car, For Green Technology Campaign


Dutch Man Traveling the World with Electric Car, For Green Technology Campaign

Sabtu, 31 Maret 2018

Wiebe Wakker and Marcel Navest, at the Puri Bunga Hotel Senggigi.(KATAKNEWS/Bara Elank)

LOMBOK, KATAKNEWS.com - Wiebe Wakker (31), a Dutch man, action in campaigning for sustainable and environmentally friendly technology, can inspiring everyone who meets him.

With Volkswagen Golf Variant's with 150 kW electric power, Wiebe is determined to travel overland from Holland to Australia. Uniquely, in this traveling, Wiebe did not bring the provision and money.

"I've been traveling to 31 countries during this journey, I spent about two years over two weeks, until now," said Wiebe, Friday (30/3) at the Puri Bunga Hotel, Senggigi, West Lombok, in West Nusa Tenggara.

This eco-friendly technology campaign is done by Wiebe through "Plug Me In" program, with One Man, One Car, No Money, since March 2016 ago.
Through the website www.plugmeinproject.com, Wiebe receives support from a number of corporate sponsors of sustainable technological vision, as well as people who care about their travel plans.

Through the site, the parties who are interested in supporting the Wiebe action, can provide support in the form of food, shelter, and electricity needs to charge the electric car.

"The purpose of this journey by electric car, I want to campaign for environmentally sustainable mobility and also to raise awareness for sustainable initiatives," he said.

According to him, the use of vehicles fueled in the world has contributed quite a lot of pollution and also the threat of greenhouse effect of carbon substances resulting from the rest of the combustion.

This can only be prevented and reduced, if more and more people are willing and willing to use electric-powered vehicles, such as electric cars.

Since leaving from the Netherlands in March 2016, Wiebe has crossed a number of countries in Europe such as Germany, Italy, Russia, Norway, Scandinavian countries, then Dubai, India, Thailand, and so forth. Indonesia is the 32nd country visited by Wiebe, after a while in Malaysia.

Wiebe said, by traveling very far using electric cars, he wanted to dismiss the negative issue about electric cars, especially related to the power and cruising power of electric vehicles.

"Until now I have traveled 60 thousand km of travel, and I do not get a problem or significant disruption with my vehicle," he said.

About speed, no doubt. Because, according to Wiebe, a light blue electric car numbered his 17 JND 2 vehicle, can penetrate the figure of 200 km / h, if you have enough adrenaline.

In Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, Wiebe stops at Hotel Puri Bunga Senggigi, to stay and recharge the car's electric power.

Owner of Puri Bunga, Marcel Navest said, he knew Wiebe a few months ago, when Wiebe travel on the island of Java a little constrained.

"At that time his car was affected by floods in East Java, some of his engine was disturbed and had to be repaired in Surabaya, because in the workshop there was also my acquaintance, and I also read about Wiebe in mass media, I finally contact and I invite to stay at Puri Bunga , when he stopped in Lombok, "said Marcel.

According to Marcel, what is done by Wiebe is very positive and inspires many parties, especially for environmental sustainability.

"Yes, he wants to prove that this electric vehicle is very environmentally friendly, leaving no traces like pollution or excessive noise, I think it's very good, especially in a tourist area like Senggigi, Lombok," he said.

To recharge the car's electric power, Wiebe needs at least 12 hours, before resuming his journey.

"Indonesia is very good in nature, the people are very good, so Lombok is beautiful, after I come from Indonesia, I will go to Timor Leste, and then Australia, the final destination country of this trip," said Wiebe Wakker. K25